The SHATTERWING blog tour.

So check this out. D and I agreed that we would do an interview/conversation post as part of the blog tour she’s doing as part of her book promotion. We went over those plans a few nights ago, sipping drinks out in the warm evening, and she felt that recapping that conversation was the best […]


I’m not done with the Sabbat Worlds Crusade yet, and nor, apparently, is it done with me. Let’s pick up where the last post left off. The Archenemy is once again at war for the forge world of Urdesh. That planet has already changed hands multiple times as the balance of power in the Sabbat […]

Sabbat Crusade

Things have just been stupid, really.  Stupidly busy, stupidly fast, faster than I’ve had the chance to talk about.  I’ve barely had time to keep up with it all even on Twitter, let alone the wordier, more sedate little space of my poor neglected blog. Which is a pity, because I’ve been busy doing some […]

Paradigm Shifts

Everything’s different. Home is different. I’ve left the little two-bedroom flat that I lived in for twenty and a half years. (If I direct my mind just so I can recall the sensation, a little thump like something dropping from my ribcage into my belly, when I watched the movers take the bed out of […]

Below The Line

A quick political note. I don’t get into politics much on this blog, but we’re in election season at the moment and this is a damned useful tool for voters, too useful to keep quiet about. I’m referring to a free-to-use website called Below The Line, which has been set up to help people navigate […]

The Great December Blog-Unclog

I’m currently sitting out on the back deck at D’s house, absorbing the heat, looking out over the rooftops framed by sunlit eucalypt foliage, listening to the summer breeze in the leaves and the birds and cicadas.* In a nice bit of geek synchronicity I’ve got William Shatner and Edward James Olmos incoming on my […]



Sometimes I think I ought to get about half a dozen of these, and put them all around my building so I’ll see them no matter which window I’m passing.

I suppose the body corporate wouldn’t approve, though.

Placeholder clockscorpion

Oh, for… Okay, Easter was wonderful, both productive and relaxing, with crisp sunny days up in the mountains and the company of family.  But no internet.  I’m now back within reach of the internet, but my laptop’s power brick has started giving out little beeps and flickers that apparently mean it has powered its last […]

All our Januaries

And how were all our Januaries this year, anyway?  Does anyone else observe a little tradition of startled angst as the end of the month passes them, muttering “oh, shit, the year’s one-twelfth over and I’ve done NOTHING!” to themselves? Actually, weirdly, now I come to have typed it, it occurs to me that this […]