Oh, for…

Okay, Easter was wonderful, both productive and relaxing, with crisp sunny days up in the mountains and the company of family.  But no internet.  I’m now back within reach of the internet, but my laptop’s power brick has started giving out little beeps and flickers that apparently mean it has powered its last – I have about ninety minutes of computer time left, which is not exactly enough to do the posting I wanted to do.

(Okay, I can’t pin it all on the power brick.  I could probably have come back from the hills with at least one entry cued up and ready to post.  I kind of wasn’t expecting this.)

Anyway, while I’m sorting my tech out, I shall leave behind some tech to keep this place sorted out.  This thing doesn’t look like it’ll take any shit from anyone, does it?  If I were a Mechanomancer I’d certainly make sure it didn’t.

That's CLOCK scorpion, you gutter-minded crowd.

I have no idea who actually did make this thing, by the way, I just found the image kicking about the place.  If you know whose it is, let me know so I can credit them.

More later.