I’m currently sitting out on the back deck at D’s house, absorbing the heat, looking out over the rooftops framed by sunlit eucalypt foliage, listening to the summer breeze in the leaves and the birds and cicadas.* In a nice bit of geek synchronicity I’ve got William Shatner and Edward James Olmos incoming on my Twitter feed, while in another tab I’m reading a conversation on Tangency about the Enterprise versus the Galactica. Just poured a fresh glass of agrum and considering the next story beat of the Project You Shall Not Ask Me About.

These surroundings, though, make for a mellower, more reflective mood than suits the teeth-pulling/teeth-grinding exercise that is the aforementioned Project, and it’s not lost on me that I’ve had blog posts stacking around in my head in an increasingly crowded and unruly holding pattern for… well, go check the dates of the last entries. Way too long.

I suspect that deciding to clear the blogging decks before the year winds up is going to be making a rod for my own back, since there’s bound to be one I don’t get finished in time to post by midnight (or forget about until tomorrow). But there are a few bits and pieces from 2012 that I should probably talk about here, just so I can get a clear run at talking about stuff that happens in 2013. Should any stuff happen then. Some stuff probably will.

Off the top of my head there’s the Roller Derby season, this year’s Games Day, and, uh, oh, right. The new novel.

Gonna stretch a bit and pour myself some more agrum. There might be a bit of a blog-burst when I get back.


*(And the sirens. Something with a siren went by earlier today and all the neighbours’ dogs started howling in sympathy. Glad that’s died down.)