According to my Facebook’s “This day in 2009” feature, it’s two years to the day since I got back from a visit to Montreal for that year’s WorldCon.  That was the year of the Angry Robot Books launch party, and the year I met Colin Harvey.  We got to talking about the cover art for his novel Winter Song, and I remember we propped up one of the doors in the AR party suite and had a liesurely, rambling conversation about… hell, who can remember all the details, there was story stuff and technology and terraforming and writing chat and what-all.  I remember hanging out with him at his signing table later in the con and carrying the conversation right on.

The following year we met up with Colin again in the UK, over a French tapas dinner and a bit of wine on a quiet evening in Bath.  Colin, Donna, James and I talked business, writing, teaching, study, the state of the world, and of course food; we were lucky enough to catch up with him again in Bristol at the William Gibson talk, where we hung out beforehand, drank beers and heard about his latest writing and editing projects.

Colin suffered a massive stroke on Monday, and earlier this evening our time we got the news he had died in hospital, apparently without ever regaining consciousness.  Our thoughts go out to those close to him.  Colin was a smart, thoughtful, switched-on, amiable and just simply decent man.  What a loss.

People who knew Colin are sharing memories of him over here on the AR site.

Rest in peace, Colin, I’m glad I got the chance to meet you.