York and Nottingham both had a high “lots to go around and do” factor and a prominent “this wifi doesn’t like picture uploads” factor, somewhat at the expense of the “getting round to blogging the Games Day photos” factor.  Let’s see what we can do about that. 

Obligatory establishing shot:

This year the authors had a bit of a pre-event event, putting in some time at the venue on the Saturday afternoon to sign some of the stock in advance.  We walked the length of the Centre from that entrance down to the BL stand, and without a Games Day crowd to fill it the NEC felt positively cavernous.


All is in readiness.


At the far end of the hall the Black Library banner was distinguishing itself from the others by swinging back and forth while the rest just hung from the ceiling.  I tried a number of jokes about this, none of which were particularly funny, before I gave in and got to work.

Still, I got off easy.  I had a spot on the line adding a signature to the front of the Sabbat Worlds anthology, and to a batch of Enforcers.

Whereas at the spot next to me Aaron was becoming a victim of his own success with industrial quantities of The First Heretic to sign:

(If you’re thinking “hey, that’s only two small piles”, then consider that that white thing in the bottom right corner is the wrapping around an enormous slab of further copies – you can see the covers through the wrap – of the sort that the rest of us were delighting in piling up around him while he tried to keep up.)

Afterwards came the chance to check out the second signing area, which I’m told comprised the whole of the BL territory last year:

The poster that marked my spot used a photo that Christian took when I was last here in 2004, in which I look considerably younger no matter what anyone says.

The next day, this is the sort of melee that was apparently going on in the main BL area:

Here’s what I was up to over in the corner counter…


That’s Andy Hoare in the foreground, and Nick Kyme in the green T-shirt in the background.

As I mentioned in the last post, one fan gave me the chance to sign the whole gamut of books, novels and anthologies, a chronology of practically my whole career for BL:

Meanwhile, Games Day rolled on.  Xhalax’s Costume Posse were fully turned out…

…not to mention fully equipped…

…and bearing the delicious Adeptus Mechanicake, which I later got to try:

Michael Flatley impersonations are a common Mechanicus devotional rite.

When not signing or admiring the posse, I was able to pick up the odd glimpse of proceedings.

The Hoeth table:

A mountain table, not sure which mountains:

An unnervingly large swarm of dragons:

And a very cool pile of banners:

This doesn’t do justice to the banner-pile, which was gigantic, piled from all sides around the plinth the Space Marine statue was standing on:

(Human added for scale.)

I’m still not entirely sure what Top Grot actually was, but it looked cool:

As did the Aeronautica Imperialis game:


Liam in Games Day reverie:

Games Day 2010 over, nothing more to do but retreat to the hotel and enjoy the haul:

I started this post in Woodstock and am finishing it in Bath.  The trip is not being kind to my blogging time but we’re having a blast.  I know I’ve got comments to respond to, and I’ll try and get to them tomorrow – for now, it’s rather late and today was long.  Back soon.