A liveblog of a thousand posts begins with venue WiFi that wants a password that I don’t know.

Fixed now, though.  The GD2010 costume posse has the theme of “Titan crew menial” this year, which clearly has brought the favour of the Machine God.  We’re well into it now:  I’m behind the counter at the corner behind the main BL selling table, by an entrance that a little while ago opened to admit a thick and shuffling column of the Games Day faithful.  I’d describe the banners – lots of clubs and shops bring along rallying banners, some of them stunning – but they were all side on to me.  I’ve seen several Mechanicus crew, four Tanith and a Guard heavy weapon trooper lugging a multi-melta.

Pardon me, I’ve been asked for a photo op.  More shortly.

(I’m not on Twitter, but if you are then I understand the hashtag is #gamesday ).


The queues grow, the queues flow, the queues flare and subside.  The line in front of Sandy Mitchell has been constant since the morning as far as I can tell, the one in front of Nick mostly so, and Gav manifests periodic bursts of people in front of him.  It’s a little calmer for the rest of us.  I shudder to think what they’re going through out at the tables where the main authors are (aka the Bald Men Plus Jim).

Crowning moment so far: a young man arriving with every Calpurnia paperback, the Enforcer omnibus, Junktion, Planetkill, Tales of Heresy and even Status Deadzone, which has been out of print for longer than some of the attendees here have been alive.   Still grinning from that.


Sandy’s still busy but things are emptying out a little.  The initial morning rush seems to be wearing off – looking through to the main area I can see people starting to assemble in the banked seating around the edges of the venue to take the weight off their feet.  Darius Hinks is next to me admitting to crashing off his morning sugar high, and I think he’s not the only one.  The music echoing through from the main arena has gone from Guns’n’Roses to what sounds like the Conan soundtrack, the final showdown against the horsemen at the necropolis.  I’ve had word that the Costume Posse will be assembling at 1:30 at the Space Marine statue for photos and fudge.