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First things first: here’s when and where to come and get your omnibus signed.

Friday July 16th: Mind Games, 38 Garema Place, Canberra, 6-8pm

Saturday July 17th: Games Workshop Woden Plaza, Canberra, 10am-noon

Saturday July 31st: Galaxy Bookshop, 143 York Street, Sydney, 2pm.

Sunday September 26: Games Day, NEC Birmingham, UK, times to be confirmed.

We’re working on a second Sydney slot for the 31st so watch this space.

Enforcer: The Shira Calpurnia Omnibus is officially out and in the wild.  It’s nice to see the listings at online sellers tick over from “Preorder this for when it’s released” to “People who bought this also bought…” (I particularly remember that moment for Crossfire, because it was the first evidence, right there on the screen, that people had bought something of mine).  It’s nicer to find copies already out for sale – we came across one in the local Angus and Robertson, on a trolley waiting to be shelved, and D grabbed it right there and got me to sign it at the counter.  It was nicer still to have someone tell me last night that they’d been hunting all over Canberra and kept getting told that that shop had sold all its copies and were ordering more in; possibly not so nice for my hapless would-be reader, but he was good-natured enough to be pleased about it on my behalf.

Reviews are starting to pop up too, and have been pleasingly positive so far.  I’d expected them to be generally favourable, on the assumption that people who buy a collected set of books will tend to be people who liked those books the first time around, but one of the nicest write-ups has come from someone who opens with the fact that he’d never heard of me or the books before, which is also cool.  The closest I’ve had to negativity so far has been at the Civilian Reader review blog: “It’s not that Enforcer isn’t worth reading, it’s just not what many people will want from a 40k novel”.  Which is fair enough, and the sort of comment I saw Crossfire getting a lot.  It’s something that will happen when you’re deliberately writing something that’s a bit diagonal to an established setting – you are by definition not writing what some readers are coming to the setting for.

If you’re not sure whether it’s what you’re coming to the setting for, remember there’s a free PDF extract up on Enforcer’s little corner of the Black Library site; while I’m furnishing links I really should also give you one to that amazing cover art on Marek Okon’s DeviantArt page.

All that should be enough to keep you going for a while.  If it’s not, you’ll have to hang out until later in the year for some short fiction fixes: “Faces” in the Fear the Alien collection coming out in September, and “The Headstone and the Hammerstone Kings” in Sabbat Worlds in October.  The next BL project is under discussion now, but will be novella-length rather than a full book – news will follow on here as that project rumbles on.

That’s enough talking about myself.  I have some very cool new Australian writing to tell you about next post.