I should probably have mentioned  that I’m currently on a fortnight-long writers’ retreat, at the little town of Berry near the Shoalhaven River.  The collective blog run by the Retreaters is over here, should you need some extra reading.

There are some new posts for this thing racked up in my brain which may or may not reach the front of the queue while I’m here, but in the meantime I’ve added to the blogroll someone I only know by his RPGNet handle of Geza Echs.  I’m consistently impressed with his intelligence and erudition on that board, and was very pleased to see he’s begun blogging at No Rest Words.

When you’re done reading all those things, go get yourself a copy of Andrew McGahan’s Wonders of a Godless World.  I want to review this here in greater depth at some point, but in short: it blew me away, I’m recommending it to all the readers I know, and two other people I recommended it to have already reacted to it pretty much as I have.  Well worth the buy.