It’s the second Australian GenCon this weekend in Brisbane, and here’s my movements as it currently stands.


  • Hot Tips for Fiction Writers (Seminar Room 1, 2pm): Join Karen Miller, David Conyers, and Matt Farrer as they give away the hot tips that all aspiring writers should know.
  • Writing for Warhammer (Seminar Room 1, 5 pm): Join game designer Steve Darlington and Black Library author Matt Farrer as they discus their past, present and future when it comes to working in the Warhammer universe


  • From Fan to Fiction (Seminar Room 3, 11 am) Join authors Karen Miller, Keith Baker and Matt Farrer as they discuss their journey from fans to fiction authors in the worlds of Eberron, Star Wars, Star Gate, and Warhammer.
  • Mass Signing: We’ve currently left an open space between 1 pm and 3 pm in the Saturday schedule to do a mass signing by all authors in Author’s alley.
  • The Habits of Highly Effective Writers (Seminar Room 1, 3 pm) What can you do right now to help your writing career? Matt Farrer, Marianne De Pierres and Kylie Chan talk about the habits good writers develop in order to succeed.


  • How to Make a Really Good Bad Guy (Seminar Room 1, 2 pm): What makes the perfect bad guy? Join authors Matt Farrer and David Conyers as they discuss the very best of the very worst.
  • Gaming and Writing (Seminar Room 1, 4 pm) How do you make the jump from playing games to becoming a writer? Join Matt Farrer, David Conyers, and Ryan Naylor as they talk about how they made the jump from gamer to author.

Drop by, say hello, join in the conversations.  I promise to try to have something interesting to say.