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Odds and ends that have stuck in my mind over the last couple of days.

  • My body clock says it’s nine-thirty at night, but there’s yellow-pink sunlight shining on the front of the wing and we’re flying into the dawn at nearly a thousand kilometres an hour.
  • There are so many things about coming into New York that make me think of Sydney.  Humidity, the sharp smell and granular texture to the air that speaks of too much car exhaust, the unexpected greenery by the road and crawling up the lamp posts.  That there’s so much that seems familiar makes the differences jump out more: the thicker, boxier builds of the houses with their different angles, the shapes of the cars, the shopfront churches.
  • Guy at a shop with a T-shirt depicting a scowling Calvin and the caption of “New York Attitude!”.  That’s the only place I’ve encountered said attitude so far.  Plenty of cheerful, helpful, friendly people.
  • Which was the strip club Kevin Rudd was in trouble for again?  I’m trying to remember which of the Gentleman’s Clubs advertised on taxi roofs it was.
  • Heavily built-up cities of which Manhattan is the archetype seem to mostly get portrayed two ways: a wall-like skyline in the distance or closeups of single buildings.  What’s interesting when you’re in amongst it, though, is the way the buildings interact in the near to middle distance, the colours and textures of the wall – tinted plate glass, dirty brown brick, grey-white concrete, the shapes they make together and the shapes of the spaces between them.  Well, it’s interesting to me.

Once again I’m blogging on the eve of an early departure: taking the train to Montreal first thing in the morning.  If anyone reading this is going to be there, I’ll be on a signing table from one-thirty on the Saturday afternoon (that’s a change from the Friday evening slot in the original program – at that time I’ll be at the Angry Robot launch party).  More later.