I’d intended to avoid the blog-meme thing when I started the Nocturnalist, but I rather like the one that’s passing around a few others I know: post the first line from each writing project you’re working on. Here’s my selection.

“It had turned out that to run a proper criminal enterprise in the city of Banners-Dance-Azure you needed a good calligrapher, and it was further turning out that good criminal calligraphers were not easy to come by.”

“Twenty-five hours after the funeral, they were assembling back at the house.”

“In the shower on an early Winter morning, Neil found that losing his hair was coming with a side effect he hadn’t quite expected.”

“And so what really pissed me off, back at first while I was still working out what was happening, was that it happened in the middle of a client meeting.”

“This is the account of Sir Hugo Whitesmith, who consumed his life to search for the footsteps of God in the wilderness, and of Jonathan Casaubon, who murdered him for finding them.”

“The skinny alien, the one I’d nicknamed Whiskers, had been very excited to discover that if he dealt me a good whack in the balls with one of his long chitinous forelegs he could send me to the floor in a doubled-over, groaning, nauseous heap.”

“I hit her.”

Interesting that my to-finish pile has a much higher proportion of first-person stories than my published fiction. I wonder if that’s significant somehow?