An excellent weekend in all manner of ways, but I ended up behind on the post I owed.  Let’s remedy that.  Here’s a list of things to acquit myself against by the end of May.

All I want from the day job is steady as she goes.  I want to keep my job resolution stats up, keep my flextime decent and my mornings not shameful, pull my weight on the upcoming overtime and just, you know, generally do my thing and keep my team happy.  My understanding, based on some double-checking with the supervisor a little while ago, is that I’m pretty much doing that now, but in the next week or so I’ll tap her on the shoulder and ask how I’m doing and if there are any course corrections I need to make.  (Probably something to do again before the end of the month, too, in time for the June Proposal.)

On my personal fitness it’s the same.  I’ve got to come back from an enforced absence from that shyteful tonsil infection, so both bootcamp and jujutsu will probably be a little tough for the next couple of weeks, but I’m not after any kind of grand heroism on either front.  No super-formal goals or anything.  I just want to be able to say in the May Acquittal that I attended solidly through the month and made it to the end of each session.  That’s fine.

The shape of my social life has been, er, reshaped a bit by some private developments during the past month, but in very benevolent ways.  There are friends I still don’t want to forget and have overshadowed, though, and I know from experience I may let that happen if I’m not careful.  I won’t be so gauche as to name names here, but there are six local friends to whom I owe catchups, and one friend and three relations further afield to whom I owe correspondence.  In the May Acquittal I want to be able to say I’ve covered that.

General (and literal) housekeeping: big lumps of timber have been crowding into my spare room for too long – at some point this month I’m going to put them back into the configuration they were in when I acquired them, namely screwed together to make a bookshelf.

General writerish stuff that isn’t actually writing, which is to say paperwork.  At the moment I’m in the middle of organising my trip to Montreal for the Worldcon in August: leave is approved and tickets booked so by the end of the month I really just need to have accommodation and actual con membership sorted.  While I’m on the writing-related paperwork, my membership of the ACT Writers’ Centre has, I’m pretty sure, expired, and I really have no excuse for not being a member of the ASA either.  The May Acquittal will record these situations as being corrected.

Non-prose writing is probably going to be kept on a bit of a simmer this month.  I’ve got some pitches and scripts for comic ideas which are still firmly at the practice-piece stage, but I’ve got some people to critique them and for acquittable goals I’ll just say that I want to have received some critique and done at least a little polishing based on it.  The multimedia and TV stuff, on an even lower simmer.  I’ll settle for a discussion/correspondence with each respective collaborator on where each of those projects is up to, because each of them needs it and I think that’s all I’ll be able to achieve this month with the rest of the load.

Said load: prose writing.  I don’t really think I was overambitious with the writing target last month, I think I was just lazy (and sick for part of the time).  Nevertheless, in rolling my word-count goal over to this month I’ll take out the short-fiction stuff and leave it as an extra bonus credit thing.  The big core commitment is to try and get that thirty-thousand-word mark this time around, by reminding myself of the consequences of getting a little too complacent and distracted once I’ve managed a couple of fifteen-hundred-word nights in a row.  If I messed up one month of this but bounce back well I can dismiss April as an aberration, but if I miss April and May then I look, in public, like a lazy idiot with an overactive mouth.  I’d rather not do that, and contemplating it as a possibility should sharpen my work ethic a bit.

Let’s see what sort of a May this makes for.