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I’ve been mulling over a couple of longer posts, but tonight I’m down with the vanguard of the new winter bugs so you get a scatterthought instead.

  • I’ve left it a bit late to join in spreading this particular bit of news, but in case you missed it the excellent Angry Robot has hired the equally excellent Dan Abnett as one of their growing cadre of writers.  Dan’s a great writer and a great guy – keep your eye out for Triumff and Embedded via Angry Robot’s site or from Dan’s own (from which a lot of you are arriving here anyway, if my referrer list is any indication).
  • An interesting development: buying co-operatives are springing up to help people get in on home solar energy systems before the government rebate on them runs out later this year.  These are the sort to be used by homes already on the grid, that actually run your meter backward if they generate more than you’re using.  Here’s one being organised through a local group called See-change, and there’s another project in the Cooma region with a firm called Pyramid Power.  If this interests you then have a look around in your own areas and see if there’s one running (the rebate ends in a couple of months) and if there’s not one near you I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to start one.
  • In the window of a shop in the Canberra Centre today was a giant floor-to-ceiling photo of a buff, naked male model with a text balloon over his crotch saying “Stimulus packages welcome here!”.  I wonder how much more of that sort of advertising I’ll see over the next month or two.
  • The thought occurs that that paragraph above might bring me in some rather interesting Google traffic.  If there’s anything particularly amusing I’ll post it.
  • Via the ACT Writers’ Centre newsletter (I had a look on the National Library website but couldn’t find anything about this): 
  • 6pm Tuesday 28 April
    A Monster at Heart: The Romances of Frankenstein
    Friends Lounge, National Library of Australia
    Join a group of fellow booklovers as Dr Rich Pascal of the ANU provides a new perspective on the literary classic Frankenstein.  Following the lecture participants will break into groups to discuss the book further over a glass of wine.
    $10 Friends of the National Library, $15 non-members.

I had another one, but I’ve forgotten it.  Bleah.  Ill.  Bed.