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Angry Robot is the new publishing imprint run out of Harper Collins UK under the watchful (glowing, red) eye of my former Black Library employer Marc Gascoigne.  AR have made their commitment to ebooks very clear, and now they want to talk price.

How much would you pay for an ebook?  How often would you read one?  They have a survey up now where you can tell them what sort of an e-reader you are and what you think ebooks should cost.  This is a way to help a smart and promising publisher get off on the right foot with their ebook pricing system and hopefully create a good example that will have knock-on effects to other publishers.

I can’t give you a link to the survey page, since the site knows I’ve done it already and just takes me to the “thank you for your answers page”, which isn’t much help to others.  However this link at SF Signal has a little story that includes not only the link to the survey but a story about boycotts of pricy ebooks that shows AR to be doing the right thing.

Go, answer, help out, pass the word on.