Alright then, here’s the next step, also going below a cut.  (I’ve noticed that the cut doesn’t work on RSS feeds, so you poor folk stuck reading this on someone’s LJ friends-list had better hammer that scrollwheel.)

On the last day of April I’ll do the April Acquittal.  I’ll get the text of this post out, look at where I wanted to be and see how I can account for myself.  Straight to business, now.

I can’t commit to going all-out at both my physical activities, since I’m aware from trying that earlier this year that going all-out is something I’ll have to build up to if I don’t want to simply burn myself out.  So, the objective is going to be steady progress at both the general fitness sessions and jujutsu (for which I undertake to use just one form of spelling for from now on).  By the April Acquittal I want to be able to say I’m finding the balance that lets me do all these things, get fitter, and feel pleasantly worked-out by the end of the week instead of wrung-out, sore and barely able to sit upright.  I do want to be able to record that I’ve re-graded up at least one level.  I also want to be able to say with a straight face that I’ve scaled the junk food back to the once-a-week treat it was for the good part of last year.

The day job: modest goals.  Just get my mornings under control, and otherwise continue as I have been, since I’m given to understand that the way I’ve been performing is fine.  That’s a nice quick one.

It’s entirely within my power to build up my savings over the coming month while simultaneously pulling my credit card into the black.  Let’s shoot for $200 by the end of April.  I’ll also have time for one more clutterbusting session: by the end of the month I want to have that old behemoth printer, which never even got used except as a sidetable, out of the flat and out to Revolve.

Thinking on socialising and the upkeep of friendships, there are three people who are on my mind as having not been seen for too long.  Time to fix that.

I’ve fallen out of the loop on two collaboration projects: one gaming-related, one multimedia-related.  I need to get both of those up to scratch.  Let’s shoot for back in the loop on both by the end of the week and progress by the end of the month.

Writing.  Last month was short story month, it turned out.  Which is cool, but this month is going to be about inroads on the novel.  Thirty thousand words is easily in my power, but let’s use that as a minimum figure.  With that down on the book, let’s also shoot for having the two stories from last month redrafted and ready for critting, a third story from the queue taken out and first-drafted, and at least two more T-stories.  (Yes, yes, I will explain what those are at some point.  Don’t rush me.  It’s really not that interesting anyway.)

Lastly, a Thing.  I don’t yet know what the Thing will be, at the moment it’s just a Thing.  The problem with packing out my month with the sort of stuff I’ve listed above is that I’m then vulnerable to tunnel vision, which I’m prone to at the best of times.  The Thing, whatever it turns out to be, will be something that lies outside the usual track of my movements, just to stretch myself in an unusual direction.  Hopefully it’ll be interesting enough to blog about, that being kind of the point of a Thing.

For those of you who’ve read all the way to the end with me, I thank you and now I release you.  It’s Uh-Oh o’clock and I’m going to post this and be gone.  A month ‘til the next one of these.  Let’s see what happens in it.