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Dojo time didn’t eventuate this evening, after work ate more time than it was supposed to.  Which is a sneaky little shift of the locus of control, there, since the fault remains mine for running later than usual this morning and having to claw back the time at the end of the day.  I really need to stop doing that.

While I’m pondering the mysteries of mornings here’s an update on the books I was talking about below.  First of all:

New Ceres Nights.

New Ceres Nights.

The Twelfth Planet Press site now has an upgraded shop here with a couple of different ordering methods.  This should allow people outside Australia to get their order in for NCN as well as the locals.

UPDATE: Alisa from TPP has just posted some links to Lulu.com where NCN will be available in hardcover, softcover and electronic editions.


Tales of Heresy

Tales of Heresy

The online chatter about “After Desh’ea” has been pleasingly positive so far.  The nature of this kind of writing means that every piece you write is going to be someone somewhere’s Worst.  40K.   Story. Evar.  but most of what I’ve read has been in the other direction, including from the hardcore World Eater fans who are quite rightly coming to the story with high expectations.  We’ll have to see if this holds true as the book’s main release comes up.

Click on that picture and it should take you, if I got the WordPress controls right, to the Black Library page where you can get a sample PDF and place an order; here it is at Amazon if you prefer Amazon.  BL also have posters of that gorgeous Neil Roberts cover

While I was scouting that link from the TPP site I also noticed they still have stock of Kaaron Warren’s The Glass Woman, also published as The Grinding House.  I’ve had the great pleasure of meeting Kaaron (writing blog here, personal journal here)  through the CSFG when she lived in Canberra and she’s one of the most gifted and compelling writers I know, with a wonderfully dark and tilted imagination.  I’m delighted to be sharing a contents page with her in New Ceres Nights.  Her first novel Slights will soon be published by Angry Robot; if you haven’t read her short fiction and want to be able to brag to people a year from now that you’d already read Kaaron Warren before her novel broke out, then you should get this.  You can order it as The Glass Woman from Twelfth Planet, or as The Grinding House from the CSFG.

Finally, I need to mention that the CSFG just recently launched our eighth anthology, Masques:



I don’t have a story in this, but I did have some small role in its creation as a member of the CSFG Committee and I think it’s probably one of our biggest and most ambitious projects yet.  It will deserve a bigger post later on to do it justice, but for now just click the image, go through and snag yourself one.

That’s all for tonight, time to upload this and see if the damn links worked.  A change of pace for tomorrow, as I put up the first in the post series that I more or less started this blog for.