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With a title like that you know this blog will have an affinity with it.

Two of my short stories will see publication in April.  One is “After Desh’ea”, my contribution to the Black Library’s Tales of Heresy anthology which is already in the hands of preorderers.

The other is “A Troublesome Day for Jacky Midnight”, a tale set in another shared world by name of New Ceres.  New Ceres is a  colony world in a war-weary interstellar community a few hundred years from now, whose government has attempted to preserve stability by enforcing “The New Enlightenment”, clinging to the past for safety.  Now New Ceresian society, manners and technology are modelled by legal decree on eighteenth-century Earth: horse-drawn ploughs till the terraformed fields, rumours about the latest fighting out among the stars is circulated in firelit coffee houses, and aristocrats in powdered wigs stroll in their gardens while craft from the one legal spaceport soar overhead.

New Ceres Nights is a thirteen-story anthology from Twelfth Planet Press, telling tales of the colony as it tries to deal with the war outside its system, a tide of refugees, and its own inevitable tensions and intrigues.  Mine is the story of a lone smuggler who’s found there’s a living to be made skirting the fringes of the New Ceres technology laws, but who finds this one day that his buyer is not quite what he bargained for.  I’m sharing the book’s pages with many excellent Australian writers including Stephen Dedman, Dirk Flinthart, Lee Battersby, Tansy Rayner Roberts and Angry Robot flagship author Kaaron Warren.  This is pretty damned good company to be in and I’m looking forward to getting a look at the other stories.

New Ceres Nights is pre-selling now.  For those of you who are attending the upcoming Swancon in Perth, Western Australia, you can buy one at the official launch or pre-order one to pick up at the con.  If you’re not going to Swancon you can order one for delivery within Australia.  If people are interested I’ll see what I can find out about orders outside of Australia and post it here.